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A young woman must find the murderer of her twin sister, following clues that her dead sister leaves from beyond the grave.

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original title: Second Coming

genge: Action,Drama,Horror,Thriller


imdb: 5.2

duration: 1h 29min

tags: Revenge can be Deadly

budget: $400,000

keywords: twins, writerdirector, numberintitle















































A young woman must find the murderer of her twin sister, following clues that her dead sister leaves from beyond the grave. Growing up as identical twin sisters, Lora and Ashley Gerritson always had a special psychic bond. When one would feel pain, sorrow or happiness, the other felt it too. While Lora left the small town that haunted her as a child to become a successful photographer in the big city, her sister, Ashley, remained to live a simple life working at the local diner with her friend Maggie. Lora's life is suddenly changed when she begins to receive chilling visions from her sister, Ashley. Something is horribly wrong...she can feel it. Lora knows she must return to the small town of her childhood to find Ashley. She begins to realize that Barry Drake, a well-loved, upstanding member of the community, may hold the key to finding Ashley. There is something dark and unsettling about him. As the visions become stronger, she feels that time is running out. Prepare yourself for a game of cat and mouse that unfolds to reveal the mystery of a sister's "Second Coming". It was a very amazing movie. The actress (Juliet Reeves) was awesome. She is a rising star of our time. I cannot wait to get more titles, with comedy, drama, and horror with her in them. The movie itself had a well written plot, it kept you on the edge of your seat. It had an exceptional cast, that was also well directed and produced. I would love to see all the same people in other titles. Not every day do you get to see a good movie that makes you want to see it again and again. What more can I say about this movie besides the fact that I will recommend this movie to friends and family, and I know without a shadow of a doubt that they will enjoy it just as much as I did. Further more I cannot wait to see more titles with the wonderful Juliet Reeves. Thank you very much. OK ...I watch a lot of bad movies. I pride myself on that fact. many times there are some gems in the B rated bombs. But this movie is one of the worst I have watched. I like a good horror movie...but one with a plot of and sense of movement. The opening scenes seemed pretty good. Decent music and imagery. Then it goes down hill from there. One of the main characters has a disability (Ringing in the Ears called Tinnitus). Now this will in turn threaten to reveal his secret. They made that too much of a focus of the movie. So what he has ringing in his ears and accidentally left an ear plug somewhere where that he shouldn't have been. No need to keep bringing it up. So this guy is having an affair with this girl and in a motel she falls and hits her head on the end table. So instead of letting everyone know of his affair he decides to dump the body. Now her twin sister is trying to find out where she is and what happened to her. Well after seeing her sister over and over again (as a zombie like ghost) and even pointing directly to the location of the body she finally finds her. Now the body is recovered and she is set out to deal with the one and only suspect that killed her. Bad thing is that she didn't have much of a plan. Only to pretend to be her twin and met the guy where the body was dumped. The idiot didn't even believe he killed her. So all is revealed there and even though she had a gun....somehow she manages to get herself strangled. So the last scenes of the movie are of the "spirits" of her and her twin walking out of the water. So you mean to tell me in this movie the bad guy wins. And not one but two innocent people die.

Good things about the movie: imagery

Bad things about the movie: music sound effects long and drawn out misdirection of plot low grade acting from some not all actors


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